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Learn BTO - Classic Rock Songs DVD

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This DVD contains a series of lessons from a guitar player with 35+ years experience playing and teaching great classic rock.  Not your standard commercial video showing 50 numbered licks in a row, this DVD uses a simple easy to follow method whose goal is to examine and teach the songs completely.  Designed just like a one-on-one live guitar lesson - learn at your own pace - completely Audio-Visual format, NO TAB or written material necessary.  Learn thru demonstrations, examples, and detailed explanation with alternative fingerings and close-ups of the neck fingerings and relevent right hand parts and techniques.

This instructional series is geared toward intermediate players who want to quickly learn the complete songs, chords and leads.  The DVDS are sold as an individual set of lessons for one individual - they are not to be used, copied or resold.  (However, creating a personal DVD backup for long term personal storage & is  permitted.)

Rock Classics*

This series target is early to post-intermediate players wanting to learn complete songs.  Players should already know barre chords and guitar basics.  The video covers a good range from some very simple chord progressions to very interesting and more complex progressions like those found in Let It Ride.  They all have the interesting and very melodic solo work Randy Bachman is known for as well including some very 'outside the box' ideas like those he demonstrates on the Let It Ride lead. 

BTO & Guess Who (approx 115 mins!)

  1. Takin Care of Business (24:35)
  2. American Woman (27:28)
  3. Together (11:46)
  4. Roll Down the Highway (24:30)
  5. Let It Ride (25:06)
  6. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet (9:00)

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BTO Clips

This DVD contains video of instructional material demonstrating how to play these songs and is intended for purchasers private use for learning purposes.   Exclusive distribution rights belong to AJ Multimedia, not for resale.  *No original artists endorse or appear anywhere in this series of instructional DVD's. 

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