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Clapton 'Beano' Bluesbreakers Style Guitar

This DVD contains a series of lessons from a regular guy guitarist with 35 years experience playing and teaching.  The goal was to create a series of no-frills instructional videos each of which are the equivalent of many individual private lessons.  The emphasis is on easy to follow lessons, light on ego but full of instructional value: showing, teaching and explaining the worlds greatest classic rock tunes.  This series of DVD's covers each lesson completely through demonstrations, explanation and close up views of the fingerings. 

This DVD series includes lessons that are designed to benefit a wide ranges of ages and abilities but good basic guitar abilities are a prerequisite and geared toward a range within the intermediate category.  Designed to teach just like a like 1on1 lesson thru visual and audio instruction and demonstration - no TAB or written material.   

Eric Clapton & Bluesbreakers Style Blues Guitar

Clapton's famous sessions with the Bluesbreakers created a legend and a whole new genre of blues rock. Keeping in mind this was done in the mid 1960's its possible to argue its impact was not overhyped. So many players saw the possiblilities of what these blues licks could do, not only for blues but as an inspiration for the next several decades of lead guitar players in all areas of rock music itself.  Of course many of these licks were not original to Clapton and many of the songs were covers of Otis Rush, Freddie King, Robert Johnson classic blues but he did everything his own way and created his own blues rock style that inspired a generation of guitarists to come.   

This DVD teaches songs, licks and leads from that famous time and could be considered a great introduction to classic blues guitar & blues/rock leads that were expanded upon by greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan and even Clapton himself in later years.  It also includes a bonus DVD with extras, jams and backing tracks for players to add their own main guitar and practice playing and soloing over.  

You get 1 Main Instructional DVD with lessons as listed below. 

Clapton & Bluesbreakers

Songs / Lessons on this DVD:

  1. It Ain't Right
  2. Steppin' Out
  3. Little Girl 
  4. What I Say
  5. All Your Love
  6. Ramblin' on My Mind
  7. Hideaway 


(approx 2+ hrs of instructional material)


For Limited Time: (through October 2011 & while supplies last) receive a free Bonus DVD with backing tracks, with & without leads and misc extras.

Bonus DVD:  

  1. Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Backing Track w/lead) 
  2. Have You Ever Loved a Woman (Backing Track only) 
  3. Hideaway (Backing Track & BT Jam)
  4. Little Girl  (Backing Tracks & BT Jam)
  5. What I Say (Backing Track)
  6. Parchment Farms (lesson/outtakes)


 *This DVD is geared toward a range of Intermediate+ guitar players who already know and can play chords and lines.  Some material is a bit more complex than some and not recommended for new or beginner players without basic beginning guitar abilities.


This DVD contains video of instructional material demonstrating how to play these songs and is intended for purchasers private use only.   Exclusive distribution rights belong to AJMM, duplication or resale prohibited.

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