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Learn rock classics the fun way!

This DVD contains a series of lessons from a guitarist with 30 years experience playing, performing and teaching rock guitar.  The goal was to create a series of instructional DVD videos light on ego and unnecessary commercial filler.  The emphasis is on easy to follow lessons full of bang4buck value with each DVD being the equivalent of many individual private lessons.  This series covers each lesson completely through demonstrations, explanation and close up views of the fingerings.  You progress at your own pace - playing easier parts first and picking up more difficult parts or leads over time as you progress.

This DVD series includes lessons that are designed to benefit a wide ranges of ages and abilities.  Good basic guitar abilities are a prerequisite of this series and it is geared toward a range within the intermediate category.  This series does NOT include any TAB or written material - its designed to teach thru visual and audio instruction and demonstration as well as training the ear toward the ultimate goal of being able to pick out songs by ear.  The series focus is on the fingering hand, while picking hand shots are included when necessary.

NOTES ON NAZARETH style guitar DVD:  

Nazareth was formed in Scotland in 1968 before moving to London England in 1970.  They released 2 albums in 1971-72 and opened for Deep Purple in 1973 before releasing their biggest hit - Hair of the Dog in 1975.  The American version of that album included a song also covered by the Everly Bros and Roy Orbison, Love Hurts which was a huge top 10 hit.  They had various guitarists over the years but kept their solid guitar-based hard rocking sound.

As always this DVD teaches their guitar style as a means to add to your own guitar vocabulary and be able to play great classic rock songs and riffs.  This DVD covers a good range of classic rock guitar necessities - crunchy chord progressions, mixed single-note riffs rhythm lines, classic major & minor pentatonic leads and even some nice slide.   Hair of the Dog is based on a great single-note riff with a very simple funky talk-box/wah lead but its changes are also great to practice and improvise leads over.  Many people still think its name is "Son of a Bitch" due to its infamous chorus.   Changin' times is another great picked-line rhythm with breaks that allow the drums to drive the song.  Beggars day is more of a standard crunch rock progression with a great lead that covers both major and minor scales as well as different tonal references.  Love hurts is well-known using argeggios and open chords.  The lead uses a feedback technique to milk the most out of a few notes.  Miss Misery has a sliding rhythm style and fairly simple barre progression but has a great slide solo which of course is covered as well.  Rose in the Heather is a very simple chord-based instrumental jam that I use as a vehicle to discuss soloing style and techniques and a great example of switching between major and minor-based scales.   Whiskey Drinkin' Woman is anoter great picked  and strummed riff that is bluesy funky country and slow rocker all in one!  One of my favorites and another great platform for your own lead wankery.

This is another one which I went into with certain expectations but I still was surprised and impressed at the great guitar work and I had a lot of fun doing this DVD.  I don't think most would call Nazareth a guitar hero band or exceptionally difficult, but like the worlds best do, they didn't pretend and squeezed every drop of rock guitar juicy goodness out of every riff, lead and song.  Anyone that enjoyed listening to these classics or rock guitarist worth his salt should have these riffs in their guitar arsenal. 

You get a DVD with lessons and instructional demos (20-30 min) for songs listed below. **

Hair of the Dog
Changin' Times
Beggars Day
Love Hurts
Miss Misery
Rose in the Heather
Whiskey Drinkin' Woman


(approx 2+ hours of guitar instruction)

This instructional series is geared toward a range of intermediate players who want to learn the complete songs and leads made popular by these artists.  The DVDS are sold as an individual set of lessons for one individual - they are not to be used, copied or sold to any other party.  However, backups for long term personal storage & use is permitted.

Purchasing the original recordings is strongly encouraged to play along with once you learn the songs.  They are great songs and artists - we hope to keep guitarists playing  their music and help keep it alive as well as finding new audiences into the future.

This DVD contains video of instructional material demonstrating how to play these songs and is intended for purchasers private use for learning purposes.   Exclusive distribution rights belong to AJ Multimedia, not for resale.  *No original artists endorse or appear anywhere in this series of instructional DVD's. 

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