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Customer Feedback is for existing customers and used mainly to request bands or songs you would like to see done on future DVDs.

There are a number of factors that go into determining which DVDs to do and when. One of those is based on customer input. Unfortunately its impossible to do every request by every individual - but the more requests we get for something the higher it can go on the list. So please use this form to send in your band/song suggestions. Please be as specific as possible and whenever possible include both band names and song titles.

If may also use the Feedback Form for comments or suggestions on DVDs from this series.  Please be specific - if there are things you like or didn't like I'd like to know what it was and why.  The AJMM Instructional Guitar Series is designed for Intermediate guitar players in order to get the most bang for buck.  Please be aware that everyone is different, and newer players often would like more time spent describing and showing each note whereas more advanced players often feel too much time is spend on the same part.  But I do want to know your thoughts and comments but please try to make them helpful - you don't have to always be nice, but at least try to be constructive.

If you want to contact me directly you can use the name AJMM at

feedbackOr to use this Email Feedback & Request Form.

If you have comments or questions about anything related to purchases made on EBAY,  please be sure to use the EBAY MESSAGING SYSTEM.  Logon to your Ebay account and choose the messaging tab or the Contact Seller tab connected to the item you purchased.

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